Salt and Sacrifice Multiplayer PvP Trailer Revealed at Future Games Show

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The next instalment in the souls-like platformer, Salt and Sacrifice gets a new trailer during the Future Games Show featuring a PvP.

Salt and Sacrifice Multiplayer PvP Trailer Revealed at Future Games Show

The latest trailer for upcoming sequel to the Salt and Sanctuary title, Salt and Sacrifice by Ska Studios revealed that PvP will be part of the next game.

The trailer showed off Alterstone Kingdom, a place where “criminals serve as Marked Inquisitors” according to the press release. They face an endless cycle of hunting mages in order to “cleanse the corrupted land”. But Marked Inquisitors also face another threat which is the invasion of other players.

Players will be able to engage in PvP battles and join multiplayer factions like the Shroud Alliance and Blue Heart Runners to call in allies for dynamic encounters.

Become a hunter of other Marked Inquisitors or rely on assistance from friends to tackle Salt and Sacrifice’s myriad challenges.

According to founder of Ska Studios, James Silva “After the success of Salt and Sanctuary’s single-player adventure, we knew that we had to deliver something that continued to raise the bar of quality”. He went on to share “We felt that the iconic soulslike multiplayer experience was the best way to do that. We really can’t wait to see what kind of community forms around it. Don’t be surprised if the development team joins a few online fight clubs!”.

This sounds like an awesome new feature and that the devs getting involved for some PvP battles will be fun to watch.

PvP in Salt and Sacrifice

Players who want to take part in PvP will be able to create a Marked Inquisitor’s appearance, class, and past crime, you’ll embark on your cursed hunt, but there’s no sense in suffering alone. You can join a variety of factions for multiplayer combat and online interactions.

PvP Factions

Two factions highlighted in the trailer are the Shroud Alliance, with a focus on pure PvP combat, and the Blueheart Runners, an invading PvE cadre of arcane smugglers who wreak chaos in a host’s realm.

PvP Invade

Players can invite other players temporarily to invade their Kingdom by consuming the Guiltless Shard, this disables the Spellmark for a period of time. During this time other players who seek riches and are out for blood can enter. There promises to be some balance though as Oathbound Watchers will be drawn to the world threatened by invaders (those who wear the Amulet of the Oathbound Watcher), to help out and protect the host. Sheriff Inquisitors are summoned to police realms defiled by Blueheart Runners.

Those who join the Blueheart Runners a PvPvE faction, you’re role is to collect ashes of the Haze Burnt which are zombie-like creatures that have fallen to the spellmark curse. Collecting the ashes will summon Haze Wraiths, “creatures of pure magical corruption” that are out to hunt your pursuers. Collecting enough ashes will gain you the upper hand, debuffing your pursuers, and letting you hunt them down with an edge.

Summoning more allies means more chance of invasion. Two vs two PvP offers challenging and exciting gameplay experiences, as Inquisitors have a number of features at their disposal including melee movesets, rune arts, ranged Weapons and consumable items.

Opt-out of PvP

For those who aren’t interested in PvP, they can avoid these kinds of threats of otherworldly invaders by not summoning an ally. If you do want to co-op with a friend and explore together you can use a password system to grant those you want to join your world.

Salt and Sacrifice PvP Starting Classes

This time around players can choose from eight starting Classes for PvP: Highblade, Paladin, Assassin, Cleric, Dualist, Fighter, Ranger, and Sage. This will give PvP matchups a variation of strategies and depth. You can claim victory in multiple factions like the Dawnlight Order or Shroud Alliance. You can also end fights with gruesome finishers, giving even more satisfaction to ridding your realm of your faction’s enemies.

Salt and Sacrifice will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC for USD $19.99 Q1 2022 in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

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The post Salt and Sacrifice Multiplayer PvP Trailer Revealed at Future Games Show appeared first on Fextralife.

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