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Paladin Build Guide for Diablo 2 Resurrected Hammerdin. This Build is very popular among players because it excels in almost all categories with very few drawbacks. If you are looking for the ultimate Paladin Build, then this Hammerdin Build Guide is for you. Check out our Diablo 2 Best Builds for more builds for all classes.

Hammerdin Paladin Build

  • Class: Paladin
  • Skill Line Focus: Combat Skills
  • Build Focus: DPS
  • Main Attribute: Vitality
  • Difficulty Level: Hell
  • Level: 87+

Paladin Build Guide Diablo 2 Resurrected | Hammerdin

While playing the Hammerdin in Diablo 2 Resurrected you’ll quickly Teleport to your enemies and spam the Blessed Hammer Combat Skill. This skill invokes a hammer that spins around the Paladin dealing massive damage to all enemies it comes in contact with, killing enemies very quickly in large groups. The damage output for each hammer can easily go from 12k to 15k damage which is huge. You’ll be able to quickly clear most enemies even at /Players 8 with ease.

Using the Teleportation Skill combined with Max FCR (Faster Cast Rate) allows you to move through the map at immense speeds, and this is granted to you by the Enigma Runeword. If you don’t have Enigma, you can instead use the Vigor Defensive Aura to enhance your walking speed. It’s important that you walk, because your Block is greatly reduced while running.

While attacking, you’ll need to swap your Teleport skill with the Concentration Offensive Aura, as this aura greatly increases the damage dealt by your Blessed Hammer. Note that if you’re playing on controller you can have both these Skills mapped to separate buttons so this is not necessary.

Similar to other Paladin Builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected, the Hammerdin is very tanky. Using the Holy Shield Skill allows you to reach max Block without investing too many points into Dexterity, which means you’ll have a lot of spare points to invest into Vitality. This combines Block Rate and Life, making you really hard to kill. This Build can perform any type of run without issues. I personally like to run Chaos Sanctuary, because of the large packs of enemies which provides both great loot and experience.

The biggest drawback with this Build is that it requires a lot of very expensive and specific gear to be played effectively. Unlike other builds, you won’t be able to start off with budget gear and then slowly progress, but instead you need to find everything (or almost) and then put the build together.

Diablo 2 Paladin Build Stats | Hammerdin

As with most builds, the Stats you need greatly depends on your equipment.

  • Strength: Just enough to use your equipment. The highest Strength item on this build is Magefist, so you’ll need to reach 151.
  • Dexterity: You should have enough dexterity to acquire Max Block (75%). This depends on your Shield so I can’t give you a number, but make sure to first use your Holy Shield Skill and then assign points into Dexterity until you reach the 75% Cap.
  • Vitality: All remaining points should be spent here.
  • Energy: No points required

Like any other Build in Diablo 2 Resurrected, having a Hellfire Torch and an Annihilus will greatly reduce your stat investment into Strength and Dexterity. These unique charms provide between +10-20 to all Attributes and +10-20 to all Elemental Resistances. Having both in your inventory will save you between 20 and 40 stats points that you can spend into Vitality greatly increasing your health pool. The additional passive resistances will also allow you to depend less on +All Resistances equipment, opening up more options.

If you don’t have a Hellfire Torch or an Annihilus yet, I strongly recommend that you get them as soon as you can. Perfect rolled ones are very expensive, but you can get bad rolled ones for very affordable prices. Make sure to get a low roll when you are starting off and then upgrade it when you have enough money.

Diablo 2 Paladin Build Skills | Hammerdin

The Hammerdin is designed around two main skills which are the Blessed Hammer Combat Skill and the Concentration Offensive Aura.

Blessed Hammer

The Blessed Hammer Skill summons a magical hammer that spirals outwards damaging enemies along its path, with Undead enemies taking 150% damage. The Hammer spins around you making a wider and wider turn until it disappears, and multiple enemies can be hit by the same hammer.

Because of the spin pattern, positioning is key to effectively use this skill. The Teleport skill provided by the Enigma Runeword is the best option as you can teleport directly upon enemies assuring the hammer will hit them as soon as it spawns.


While active, the Concentration Offensive Aura will reduce the chance of your attacks being interrupted and greatly increase your damage by a percentage. The damage increase percentage is halved for the Blessed Hammer. This means that if your Concentration Ability provides 200% increased damage it will only increase your blessed hammer damage by 100%, but even halved, this is a huge bonus that makes the hammers decimate enemies in seconds.

Skill Distribution

For your skill distribution you’ll want to first max out your Blessed Hammer Ability and Concentration Offensive Aura.

  • 20 Points into Blessed Hammer
  • 20 Points into Concentration

Once you’ve maxed out both Skills you’ll want to go for the Blessed Hammer synergies, which are Blessed Aim and Vigor, each of them increasing the Blessed Hammer magic damage by 14% per level.

  • 20 Points into Vigor
  • 20 Points into Blessed Aim

You’ll also need to spend points into Holy Shield to reach the max Block Chance. Since this provides diminishing returns, the amount of points that you’ll need to spend here will depend on the amount of +Skills that is provided by your gear. You’ll get +36% at lvl 22 Holy Shield so this might be a good number to do the math on. Simply sum the amount of +Skills that you’ll get from your gear and then substract that number from 22. So if your equipment provides you +10 Skills you do 22 – 10 = 12. You’ll need to assign 12 points into Holy Shield to acquire max block.

  • 10 – 20 Points into Holy Shield

If you are having problems with Mana, you can also spend 1 Skill point into the Redemption Defensive Aura. This Aura purifies bodies and provides you with Life and Mana in exchange. This is very useful to quickly regenerate your mana and get rid of bodies at the same time, but should not be necessary if you have enough gear.

  • 1 Point into Redemption (Optional)


In order to gain these Skills you will need to spend the following points in order to unlock them:

Defensive Auras
Offensive Auras
Combat Skills
Level Required

So, for this build to be fully functional you’ll need:

  • Prerequisites: 7 Skill Points
  • Necessary Skills: 90 – 100 Skill Points
  • Optional: 1 Skill Point
  • Skill Points you get from Quests: 12

7 (Prerequisites) + 90 ~ 100 (Mandatory) + 1 (Optional) = 98 Skill Points
98 – 12 (Quests) = 86 Level
86 + 1 (You get first skill point at lvl 2) = 87 Level Required

From here you should spend any additional Skill Points into Holy Shield to further increase your defense.

Diablo 2 Paladin Build Equipment | Hammerdin

When talking about equipment our first goal will be trying to achieve 125% FCR (Faster Cast Rate).

Like most skills in Diablo 2, the Blessed Hammer Skill doesn’t have a cooldown on its own. Instead, you need to wait for your character to finish the cast animation and then start a new one.

The time that your character takes to cast a skill depends on the Class. In the case of Paladins, casting each spell without any FCR equipment will require 15 frames. When you equip something that provides Faster Cast Rate (FCR), the cast animation time is reduced by a percentage, but unless you are able to reduce the amount of frames required to finish the animation it won’t have a real effect on gameplay.

This means that when trying to reduce your cast time, you’ll need to find the FCR percentage breakpoints for each frame drop. As you can see in the following table, the Paladin FCR Frame breakpoints are at 9% – 18% – 30% – 48% – 75% – 125% meaning that at 125% FCR your casting animation will only require 9 frames to complete and start a new cast. Even it doesn’t appear to be that relevant, each frame reduced will greatly increase the total amount of hammers that we can cast each second.

 Frames  15  14  13  12  11  10  9
 FCR  0%  9%  18%  30%  48%  75%  125%


For this build we are aiming for the max (125%), but you can also be effective at 75%. Do note that unless you reach the 125% mark any points above 75% are useless, since you’ll still be stuck at 10 frames, so min-mxing your equipment will be very important. Don’t hesitate to add an FCR ring if you are close to the 125% mark, as doing so will greatly increase your damage output.

Equipment Math for 125%
  • 40% (Heart of the Oak) + 35% (Perfect Spirit) + 20% (Magefist) + 20% (Arachnid Mesh) + 10% (Crafted Amulet) = 125% FCR.
  • If you don’t have a Perfect Spirit, or you are missing the amulet, you can equip FCR Rings to achieve the 125% FCR
Equipment Math for 75%
  • 40% (Heart of the Oak) + 20% (Magefist) + 20% (Arachnid Mesh) = 80% FCR.
  • Using this config will open up the Shield and Amulet Slots for anything you want. In this case I personally suggest Mara’s Kaleidoscope for the amulet and Herald of Zakarum or Spirit (doesn’t matter which FCR) for the Shield.

Our second goal will be to max out our Resistances, and finally our third goal will be to either increase our Max Fire Resist if we want to focus on Chaos Runs or increase our Magic Find Chance.


  1. Harlequin Crest (Unique) – This option is cheap and focuses on increasing our damage. The +2 to all skills is great for our damage output and the extra life, mana, and the damage reductions it provides helps with survivability. You can insert a perfect Topaz for even more Magic Find.
  2. Crown of Ages (Unique) – If you can afford a Crown of Ages with 2 slots and 2 Ber Runes then this helmet will greatly increase your survivability. The crown of Ages can reduce damage by 10% to 15% and each Ber Rune will increase that amount by another 8%. A perfect Crown of Ages with 15% Damage reduction and 2 Ber Runes will provide 31% Damage reduction making you really hard to kill.



Heart of the Oak (Runeword) – This is the best weapon for this build. There’s nothing else I would recommend here.

  • +40% FCR: Perfect for our build, a massive flat FCR bonus
  • +3 to All Skills: Greatly increase our damage output increasing all our core abilities
  • +30-40 All Resistances: Greatly boosting these. A +40 is not a must and will depend on the rest of your gear. You can start off with a non-perfect one and see how you stand once your build is finished.
  • +15% Maximum Mana: Great for increasing our mana pool.


Herald Of Zakarum

  1. Spirit (Runeword) – Spirit is a must for this build as it provides a massive increase to FCR. Depending on the rest of your gear you will probably need to find a perfect +35% FCR one to achieve the 125% mark.
  2. Herald of Zakarum (Unique) – If you can’t reach the 125 Mark or want to run a 75% FCR build, then this Shield will give you +2 To all Paladin Skills and +2 To Combat skills greatly increasing your damage. Do note that even if you do more damage per hammer, your DPS will be lower than a 125% FCR build.


Que-Hegan's Wisdom

Enigma (Runeword) – This is the most expensive item of the build and while you can still run the Hammerdin without it, I wouldn’t recommend it. The Teleport skill allows you to position exactly where the hammers will damage enemies as soon as they spawn. Without this skill, your clear speed will be greatly reduced as enemies will move all over the place and you’ll need to run around to reach any location. Enigma also provides us a huge boost to Survivability and gives us even more damage and Magic Find.



Magefist (Unique) – These gloves are a must, as they increase our FCR by 20%.




Arachnid Mesh (Unique) – This belt provides us a flat +20% FCR and +1 to all skills increasing our damage output. The additional mana is also great for our build.



When it comes to boots you have a few of different options:

  1. Hotspur (Unique) – If you are running Chaos Sanctuary then these boots will greatly increase your survival chances. The +15% Maximum Fire Resistance will allow you to tank fire enemies without issues.
  2. War Traveler (Unique) – If you are comfortable with your build’s efficiency and want to maximize Magic Find these are perfect for you.
  3. Sandstorm Trek (Unique) – If you want to increase your survivability, but you are not running Chaos Sanctuary, then the +20% FHR (Fast Hit Recovery) of these boots can be a great option.


Here you have two different options. You can either go for survivability with two Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band to increase your life or you can go for more mana by equipping 2 Stone of Jordan.

I personally prefer the Bul-Kathos Wedding Band, as the Mana issues can easily be resolved by equipping an Insight (Runeword) on your mercenary. Remember that you can also equip rings with FCR here if you are falling short to achieve the 125 mark as the effect of not having the Bul-kathos or Stone of Jordan will not be too noticeable.


Crafted Amulet – Here you’ll want to find a +2 to paladin skills and then a +10% FCR. These types of amulets are very expensive, so if you can’t afford them just go for a Mara’s Kaleidoscope (Unique) or a +2 Paladin Skills and look for any other stat that you might be missing.


Flail Call To Arms (Runeword) + Spirit Shield (Runeword) – These are only to buff yourself, so stats on the spirit shield doesn’t matter.


For charms, you’ll want to find Grand Charms with +1 to Combat Skills and life if possible. For small charms you’ll want Life and Mana, but some Magic Find charms can also be useful to increase your loot. As with any other build, a Paladin Torch and Annihilus are highly recommended and should be acquired as soon as possible.

Paladin Build Mercenary Gear | Hammerdin

Mercenary Type and Aura

Act 2 Mercenaries are the best choice for all Builds due to their Paladin Auras and the ability to equip Polearm Weapons. Being able to use Polearms is very important, because many powerful Runewords can be created on them providing various buffs or debuffing enemies.

When it comes to selecting an Aura, I personally like to use the Holy Freeze Aura which can be found on Nightmare difficulty mercenaries. This aura slows enemies around you providing great crowd control. Another good choice can be Prayer found on Normal or Hell Difficulties. The prayer aura provides heal regeneration allowing you to survive longer without using Potions.

Mercenary Equipment

While playing the Hammerdin you’ll want to equip your Act II Mercenary with an Insight (Runeword). This will provide you with the Level 17 Meditation Aura greatly increasing your Mana recovery rate. Using this will allow you to clear your ring slots for either Bul-kathos or FCR Rings. The Insight Runeword is very cheap, so you won’t have problems creating one.

As for armor and Helmet, you can equip anything you want. Fortitude is a great option to increase both damage and defense. Remember that your Mercenary will get the full bonus from the Concentration Aura, making him hit very hard.

Final Tips

Your Blessed Hammer will always spawn on top of your left shoulder. For this reason, its best to teleport below enemies so they are hit as soon as you cast the spell.

I personally like to run my belt with 3 Healing Potion columns and 1 Mana Potion columns, but 2 Healing Potion and 2 Mana Potion is a great option as well. You shouldn’t need to many Mana Potions if setup properly.

Your Mercenary gets the full effect of the Concentration Aura, allowing him to hit really hard. If you encounter a magic resistant enemy, you can let your mercenary get rid of it.

Remember to walk for maximum Block Chance. You’ll be teleporting around the map, so you might forget to hit the walk button. This is very important to stay alive, as your Block is reduced to 1/3 while running.

This build is intended for PVE, but it can also be effective in PVP. Make sure to keep moving and don’t spam too many Blessed Hammers at once.

Because of the amount of skill synergies and items required for this build to become functional, you’ll need to start off your character using another build. You can check our Fire Paladin (Engulfed in Flames Paladin) Build to get you started. Once you reach lvl 87, you can talk to Akara at the rogue encampment to respec your character and assign the points as described on this build.

Stay tuned for more Diablo 2 Build Guides, and be sure to check out our Diablo 2 Resurrected Wiki for more information about the game!

The post Paladin Build Guide Diablo 2 Resurrected | Hammerdin appeared first on Fextralife.

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