Each action and dice roll is also accompanied by satisfying sounds

Each action and dice roll is also accompanied by satisfying sounds, which make combat much more immersive because you can hear the weight and impact of your attacks.

The voice overs of the game are average at best most of the time, and sometimes, voices occasionally fit the characters they portray. This is definitely one of the weaker aspects of Solasta, and one that really makes it feel like an indie game.

In terms of visuals, Solasta isn’t as graphically beautiful as I would have hoped, but it’s good enough to get you through. I do appreciate how precise the space is laid out in the form of grids during combat, as this helps in clearly seeing how near or far the party is in relation to enemies instead of making assumptions.

Because of Solasta’s simple user interface, it has become very intuitive and user-friendly. I also like that you can gain additional information about objects or Spells by holding Alt if you wish to learn more about what they do, rather than being bombarded right from the start.

Solasta Combat 2

From a technical standpoint, I did not encounter any game-breaking bugs, save issues, nor framerate drops. Overall, it has been a seamless experience thus far.

Solasta Crown of the Magister Review: Replayability, Pricepoint & New Feature

Solasta will provide players with 40 hours’ worth of gameplay in a single playthrough, which can increase depending on the difficulty and the volume of completed quests. Of course, if you experiment with multiple Classes, you will exceed that number even more, which provides greater value when it comes to replayability and the $39.99 price tag.

Another reason why Solasta continues to be interesting and replayable is the Dungeon Maker. This is a custom map editor that lets you build your own dungeons, challenges and adventures, which you can share with other players. It’s like designing your v buck generator own mod where you are your own Dungeon Master. Note that the Dungeon Maker continues to remain in beta even after the full launch but new features will be added in the months to come.

Solasta Dungeon Maker

Final Thoughts

Solasta is a game that has surpassed my expectations and satiated my longing to play D&D 5E. I admit that I don’t play tabletop D&D as often as I would like nowadays, probably like many of you, but my experience with Solasta has reminded me of how fun it is to roleplay as different characters in spite of their own strengths and weaknesses. I truly miss games where you can create all characters of your party, and in doing so, completely change the way your game plays before you’ve even made it one step. It’s one of the reasons Final Fantasy 1 remains one of my favorite all time games.

Solasta Combat 4

Solasta Crown of the Magister is definitely a day one purchase because not only is it an excellent way to get into D&D, if you aren’t already, it’s also a faithful adaptation of D&D 5E given how accurate the combat mechanics are depicted in the game. I can’t wait to see what DLCs Tactical Adventures come up with as well as other RPGs they develop in the years to come given how Solasta has turned out.

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