Bandai Namco Confirmed for E3 2021 – Will There Be Elden Ring?

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Bandai Namco have confirmed they will be part of E3 2021, which begs the question will Elden Ring be part of their lineup this year?

Bandai Namco Confirmed for E3 2021 – Will There Be Elden Ring?

Many gaming events have been and gone, with still no word on Bandai Namco’s most elusive game Elden Ring. Now that they are confirmed to be part of the E3 2021 lineup this year, it is a wonder will FromSoftware’s latest developing title be making an apperance.

This year’s E3 is of course different than the previous. There was no E3 last year due to the pandemic outbreak, and this year will be a E3 virtual event as to be expected. But that does not mean it will be any less of an affair. Current confirmed participants include Capcom, Activision, Square Enix and Warner Bros. Meaning we’ll probably seeing some Resident Evil, Final Fantasy 16, possibly some Hogwarts Legacy and maybe…just maybe, some Elden Ring.

Official word about Elden Ring has been few and far between. But  rumours and a leak have cropped up online. Most recently the leaked footage of a new trailer for Elden Ring. From neither confirmed or denied whether the footage was real, but many of these videos were swiftly taken down on Youtube, leaving many wondering if was indeed real. If anything the footage could have been early concept videos as the footage was capture by recording off a screen. We covered the footage and analysed what we saw:

While the official word has been rather slim, before this leak there was official concept art revealed by an artist Gabriel Bjork Stiernstrom who worked on the images under Digic Pictures. Other than that it’s been radio silence from the developer, but of course that hasn’t meant a number of fans and industry insiders from coming up with a theory or two for when the next big reveal will be. At this point even a crackle on the official airwaves about the game would probably help to appease fans who wait feverently for any detail.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer has even played Elden Ring but of course gave little in the way of details of what he saw. But what he did say was it was  “the most ambitious game that he’s done” when he compared it to previous games Hidetaka Miyazaki has worked on.

It was only in February when Elden Ring received a provisional rating in Europe of PEGI 16, which could mean we might be hearing something soon, say at E3 this year.

Do you think FromSoftware will be releasing more details about Elden Ring? If so, what will it be?

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The post Bandai Namco Confirmed for E3 2021 – Will There Be Elden Ring? appeared first on Fextralife.

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